Keeping it Green

Cutthorne’s Green Credentials

Solar Power

We have installed solar panels on a south facing bank which provide around 60% of our electricity for both the house and cottages

Biomass Heating

Our predecessors installed a log burning Biomass boiler, which is in effect a highly efficient wood burner which heats a very well insulated hot water tank, from which the cottages draw their hot water and central heating.  We use logs taken from our own land or neighbouring farms where ever possible and have almost eliminated the need for fossil fuels.  We have an active tree planting programme, supported by the Governments Country Stewardship scheme to replace the wood we use.  Our aim is to generate a carbon neutral environment. 

Natural Water Supply

We are fortunate to have own own spring fed water supply.  This is purified using Ultra Violet light which negates the use for chemicals or other filtration systems.


Tree Planting

We continue to plant trees at Cutthorne to off set our biomass usage and increase our carbon capture.  we grow a mix of hard and soft wood trees all on ground not best suited to wider agricultural use.


Maintaining our History

If you walk in the lower field you will see what looks like paths set along the banks.  These are intact very old draining channels or ‘Leates; built in saxon times to help water the pastures.  We make every effort to keep these free of bracken and brambles so that they remain a feature of historical interest.  If it’s been raining hard you can still see them working.